Bigfoot Cripple Foot Tracks

Cripple Foot Tracks
Cripple Foot Tracks - ©2009 MonsterQuest
The Cripple Foot Tracks or Bossburg Tracks are a series of 1,089 tracks found in Bossburg, WA in 1969. These tracks are human-like in appearance, but much larger and are believed to be left behind by Bigfoot. These tracks are unique in that the right foot appears to have a deformity. The creature is speculated to have a condition similar to "club-foot" found in humans, or "skew-foot" determined by Jeff Meldrum. The tracks were found by Rene Dahinden, Ivan Marx, and John Willison Green. The tracks are convincing to many experts as they seem so unlikely that they could be hoaxed, based on the nature of the tracks. They have been called into question though because of their association with Ivan Marx and his allegations of being a hoaxer. In 1970, Marx claimed to have caught the Cripple Foot creature on film.

Ivan Marx's claimed Cripple Foot film

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