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Native American Artifacts

Bigfoot has long been believed in by the Native American people. The creature was part of their folklore long before Europeans arrived to the area. Native Americans had different names for this creature throughout various tribes. Historical artifacts from these people have been brought forward as evidence to support its existence. These artifacts show what looks to be an ape-like creature, though many of these tribes would have never seen an ape or monkey at this point in time. Some scientists believe the Native American legends created the modern Bigfoot and therefore offers no evidence.

Hair and Blood Samples

Hair samples have been taken in North America that cannot be linked to a specific animal. When testing samples of hair and blood there are some problems. The tests done offer little information because there is no conclusive sample to compare it to. All that can be done is to compare it to known samples, which will lack all known animals.

Rock Throwing

Rock Throwing is the act of throwing rocks. It has been said that Bigfoot does this activity. This is common with other known primates as a way to communicate. In an episode of History Channel's MonsterQuest, the crew experienced a rock being thrown and landing on the roof of their cabin. It was stated that no other humans were around for many miles.

Feces Sample

Feces has been found that is said to belong to Bigfoot. This creature is thought to eat 5000 calories a day, although only a few such samples have been found.


In many sightings of Bigfoot, people report a strong, unpleasant odor. It is often reported that people will smell this creature before even seeing it.

Broken Branches

Broken branches have been thought to be evidence of Bigfoot. Several branches and trees in one area have been observed to be broken or twisted off. These trees are often two to three inches thick and would take an incredible amount of strength to bend or twist.

Forms of Shelter

Nest type structures have been found throughout many areas. These nests often consist of sticks and branches with a soft lining of moss. It is thought that these structure could have been built by Bigfoot as a place to rest.

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