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Patterson-Gimlin Film

See Patterson-Gimlin Film

Freeman Footage

The Freeman Footage is a short video taken in 1994 by cryptozoologist Paul Freeman. The film is of an alleged Bigfoot in the Blue Mountains region. The video is of low quality and shot on film that has reportedly been reused several times. Many experts believe the footage to be authentic.

Memorial Day Footage

The Memorial Day Footage is a short video of a supposed Bigfoot running across a hill. It was taken on May 26, 1996 by Lori Pate while on a fishing trip with family and friends in Okanogan County, Washington. The creature was later seen two times by others on trip. The film was examined on the documentary Sasquatch: Lengend Meets Science.

Jacobs Photographs

The Jacobs Photos are pictures taken on a trail cam and are thought to be of a juvenile Bigfoot. The photos were taken by Rick Jacobs on September 16, 2007 in Pennsylvania. The images do look very ape-like, but many believe the pictures contain only a mangy bear.

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Freeman Footage

Memorial Day Footage

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