A Guide to Bigfoot


Alleged Bigfoot have been caught in photos and motion pictures several times in the past years. The best known is the Patterson-Gimlin Film, shot in 1967, and is considered one of the best pieces of evidence that Bigfoot exists. Other famous sightings caught on film are the Freeman Footage in 1994 and the Jacobs Photographs in 2007. Quality images are a must in proving the existence of Bigfoot. Past films taken are of horrible quality and offer little evidence that Bigfoot is out there. With modern technology, most people have a camera with them at all times on their phones, and the picture quality is great.


The Floatograph was a camera technique used on the TV series Mysterious Encounters. It was basically a weather balloon with a thermal imaging camera attached to it. The balloon was then launched into sky to get an aerial view of the forest. This technique was seen again in 2009 on the Yeti Expedition episode of MonsterQuest.

Types of cameras

There are many types of cameras that could be used to capture Bigfoot. These include:

  • Standard digital camera
  • Standard video camera
  • Camera phone
  • Night vision camera
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Trail cam
  • GoPro
  • and more...

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