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History of Bigfoot

Bigfoot has been part of Native American belief for hundred of years and has several different names. In the 1920s, J.W. Burns started to take the stories from the Native American culture and made a series of Canadian newspaper articles. Burns coined the name "Sasquatch" from the word "Sésquac", meaning "wild man", to use in his articles.

How Bigfoot got his name

In 1958, a worker named Jerry Crew at Ray Wallace's construction company found large 16 inch human-like footprints. The story was picked up by the Humbolt Times of Eureka, California. They used the name "Bigfoot" in the newspaper article. This was the first time the name was used and eventually stuck, replacing the name "Sasquatch". After Ray Wallace's death in 2002, large wooded feet were found and has been suggested that this event was a hoax.

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